Whitmore Reans Remapped

In the summer of 2022 we worked with groups and families at Gatis Community Centre to creatively map Whitmore Reans in Wolverhampton

Whitmore Reans Remapped was commissioned by Newhampton Arts Centre, a community arts centre in Whitmore Reans.

As part of its post-COVID recovery it sought to redefine the role that it plays in the lives of Whitmore Reans. To re-think and re-discover their local communities they tasked GeoTone, along with four other artists, to lead this process, research, co-creation, sharing and discussion.

Whitmore Reans is a hyper-diverse area of considerable social deprivation on the edge of Wolverhampton city centre. The purpose of this project was to create a new kind of map for this incredible area, that highlights its existing networks, activities and needs. 

What is the heart of this place?
What do we need more of and what do we need less of in Whitmore Reans?
What could make you feel more welcome, more at home and more connected here?
What would you put on a map of Whitmore Reans?

Newhampton Art Centre’s programme has always embraced a mixture of creative and community-focused activity. Amongst the 21 resident organisations onsite is a radio station, two recording studios, a group of visual artists and also adult day care. Regular classes weekly include dance, youth theatre and English for Speakers of Other Languages. 

In October 2022 the work was shared in an exhibition, in the gallery hall at the Newhampton Arts Centre. It shared the local participants’ responses to re-mapping Whitmore Reans through film, photography, storytelling, music, sound, light, digital and graphic art.

The project concluded with a public exhibition and community sharing event drawing the community stakeholders together in discussion towards recommendations to Newhampton Arts Centre.

This project is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and produced by Curiosity Productions.