Flux Upon Dearne

Flux Upon Dearne is an audio walk on what was the site of Wath Main Colliery, which was closed in 1988 and regenerated into a nature reserve ten years later.

Starting at a secluded, picturesque spot, our Geolocated audio walk takes you back in time, from the present day to its industrial past, and even back, to the landscape of dense meadows and giant sheets of ice that the town of Wath would one day emerge from.

All credits to the stories, songs and sounds you’ll hear go to them. Designed by Paul Hernes Barnes and Andy Owen Cook as a part of the Artists in Residence programme at Flux Rotherham.

Flux was created by people of many ages and abilities who all live, visit and work in “the Queen of Villages” Wath upon Dearne

Special thank you to Broad Horizons, The Base, Community Connect and Brampton Youth Theatre for taking part in this project.

Visit Flux Rotherham for information on how to access the walk.